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For full-service our client, we also provide the accessories for stretch canvas. You can selection: Inbuilt hang,  Dentate hang,  trigonal hang, Hold down strip, Corner wedges key, Corner protection, Screw, Steel wire, Artists Easel.

We sale it to our client this accessories at cost price.

Corner wedges key

Item #: PP01

Corner wedges key

Apply to: Strecher bars SMF, SAF, STF, SBF, SWF, HSF.

The price is US$0.025 per pieces, and 8 pieces for a frame.

Corner wedges key

Item #: PP02

Corner wedges key

Apply to: Strecher bars EGF,HZF,GWF,HHF.

The price is US$0.05 per pieces, and 4 pieces for a frame.


Why we need to ues the corner wedges key?

Corner wedges key Loose canvas, All fabric expands and contracts due to hot and cold temperatures. During the course of the day, as the temperature fluctuates, and the fabric expands and contracts. The wood is also expanding and contracting with the ambient moisture in the atmosphere. The force of gravity is pulling constantly. The combination of these forces will cause the fabric to fatigue. This occurs primarily along the edge of the canvas where the canvas and the stretcher make contact.
Corner wedges key Now, You can re-stretch the canvas, which is the best option.
you can expand the stretcher bar, there by tightening the fabric. A corner wedges keyed stretcher allows for independent expansion in either direction in each corner.
you can shrink the fabric, making it tighter, by using moisture (water). Each time this method is used, you reduce the elasticity of the fabric.